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fruit-treesHelp us plant 3,000,00 fruit trees in Haiti today to provide *HOPE, *LIFE, and *ETERNITY

Haiti is in dramatic and desperate need of reforestation. After losing more than 98% of it’s forests and trees over a thousand years, the tiny island nation has been plagues by disease and disaster. The effects of onslaughts from hurricanes and earthquakes are dangerously increased by the lack of forests. Help us rebuild Haiti – plant a tree today!


cleanwaterGive clean water to Haitian families today
Every week, almost 90% of Haitians who perish are inflicted with illness and disease brought on by a severe lack in access to fundamental, clean water resources – and many of them are children under five years old. Learn more about how you can give as little as 1 to as many as 100 families gallons of clean, potable water.


Cover-206x123Volunteer Opportunities
The generous monetary contributions we receive from our supporters is a big foundation upon which the success of HATT has been laid. But that doesn’t mean you have to donate cash to help. We’re always looking for bright, motivated people to join our team to help us meet our goals in bringing an end to the devastation that has wrecked.

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