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Mr. Quetel Osterval is a Schematic Electronic Engineer (SEE) and Entrepreneur who now the President/CEO of PharmX Universal, LLC. A company the family found in 1990. He was born into a prestigious family living in Saint Marc, Haiti. The Osterval family was known for its philanthropy, their sense of social responsibility and their public service. Quetel’s father, Joseph Osterval, was a respected agronomist in Haiti. Quetel’s mother, Marie Therese Daniel, was an athlete in early 50’s, a spectacular cook. Best of all, a great mother, and an academician in Saint Marc’s intellectual circles. Joseph, and Marie Therese met and fell in love while they were students. They raised their 11 children in a warm and close-knit family atmosphere. All their eleven (11) children, including Quetel, were encouraged to strive for excellence in their studies and in life.


Quetel was a voracious reader as a child. He dedicated countless hours to studying encyclopedias and other reference works. He became fascinated with airplane design at the age of 11. At age 16 he coordinated a 3.9 million-dollar water filter project and implemented it along with 65 of his fellow high school classmates. Always robust and physically fit, he relished in playing soccer. Gifted with a sharp mind, he excelled in calculus as well as other forms of abstract thinking and problem solving.  

The young Quetel had very close relationships with his mother, his father and with his oldest sister, Kettie. After a brief career as a teacher Kettie decided to devote her energies to working on civic projects and by assisting charities. She served on several philanthropic corporate boards, like the Build-A-Way-Out-For-All-Haitians Organization (founded by Quetel’s grandfather, the Haiti Christian Development Foundation (HCDF), and the Haitian Community Development Facilitator (CDF). Kettie often took Quetel along for her volunteer work in schools and communities around the country. Quetel came to know directly, the suffering of the Haitian people as well as their joyous faith filled attitude towards life! 

Quetel and his brother Marc brought together their flair for technological innovation, their keen sense for fiscal strategy, and their sensitivity to the needs of the Haitian people in an ambitious plan to dramatically improve Haiti’s water supply. They set out to build a hydro-electric rainwater harvesting and water filtration system called Capture All. Through the development of the Capture All technology Quetel and Marc became two of the most highly demanded and respected engineers in Haiti and around the World. 

In the difficult years of political unrest that followed, Mr. Quetel Osterval was given the opportunity to move to the US. It was a hard decision to make, but his sister, Kettie eventually convinced him that “Every Haitian who does well in America supports a hundred Families back home!” With his winning personality and entrepreneurial skills, it did not take long for Mr. Osterval to do very well indeed, even though his heart ever far from the loved ones he left behind. 

The catastrophic 2010 earthquake and the bitter disasters that followed have focused the eyes of the world of the plight of the Haitian people. Mr. Osterval hopes and prays that his work at HATT and the efforts of likeminded good people everywhere will bring solace to his homeland.