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Help Plant Fruit Trees

Help us plant 3,000,000 fruit trees in Haiti today


You can help us restore and revitalize Haiti’s forests.

At the present time, Haiti has less than 100,000 acres of forest left. This might sound like a lot of trees, but don’t be fooled! The remaining forests are but a tiny remnant! Once, the country was covered in fruit bearing plants and trees that sustained the people, facilitated collection of clean water and protected the country from the onslaught of natural disasters. With less than 2% of Haiti’s original forests remaining the Haitian people are more susceptible to hurricanes, mudslides and disease than ever before. The effects of earthquakes on this seismically active country can be horrific, as we have all seen.

In the aftermath of the deadly earthquake of January 2010, the ensuing outbreak of cholera and the onslaught of Hurricane Tomas all in the same year, Haiti’s government and people are torn between competing priorities and problem solving strategies. As a result, government policy is often indecisive and ineffective. Furthermore, one solution has been consistently overlooked time and again: the intensive reforestation of the countryside!

Our goal is to plant as many fruit trees as possible and restore Haiti’s tropical forests. By so doing, we will prevent hunger and ameliorate the impact of future natural disasters. As a result of the replenished forests of fruit trees and new rainwater harvesting and filtration technologies, catchment ponds will be filled with wholesome drinking water. Replenish-able sources of fuel will be identified so the wholesale destruction of the forests for firewood and charcoal can be stopped.

As an initial first step we intend to plant 3,000,000 fruit trees! Here is where you can make a difference with your help.

Please make your donations today!

  • Plant a Single Fruit Tree for $5
  • Plant an Orchard of 25 fruit trees for $125
  • Plant a Grove of 150 fruit trees for $500
  • Plant a Forest of 500 fruit trees for $5,000
  • Plant a Mega Forest of 5,000 fruit trees for $12,500
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