Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission, Vision, and Values represent our highest aspirations for how we engage as humans, fellows, partners, and broader affiliates of the people working on behalf of our country's most under-served at-risk children, needy families, and senior citizens. We believe that when we most fully embody our beliefs, they will work in concert and enable us to fulfill our mission of solving problems so that every individual we're engaged with can and will succeed in life.We demonstrate the moral aptitude necessary to build a solid system that serves all needy families, the elderly, and at-risk children as well. We believe that we can solve hunger's, diabetes', and at-risk children's challenges – big and small. Simultaneously, we are open, honest, and direct about the region's current hunger, diabetes, and at-risk children's problems.


We recognize that no single person or idea can solve hunger's, diabetes', and at-risk children's complex challenges and believe that people working together can create a more significant impact than any individual or organization can accomplish alone.

We work purposefully and with a sustained effort to achieve a long-term impact on solving hunger, diabetes, and at-risk children's problems within our communities so that all children and families can succeed in life.

We keep the children, families, and communities that we serve at the forefront of our work. We thoughtfully and responsibly steward the experiences of the extraordinary folks who work with them and on their behalf.

We value all magnitudes of diversity and seek to model the fairness and justice that we want to see in the sphere. Because of our work, we place a particular focus on reflecting the at-risk children, needy families, needy elders, and low-income communities most impacted by our work.

We believe in Persistency, consistency, and Congruency. Learning and taking bold actions that create long-lasting, worldwide change within at-risk children, needy elderly, disabled individuals, and families and fight against hunger and diabetes. HATT Foundation provides *Hope * Life* Eternity.

The HATT Foundation, Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.