Meet our Vice President

Dr. Michael Montanaro is not just an esteemed orthodontist but also a dedicated advocate for at-risk children and needy families. Through his compassionate work with HATT Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, he has become a beacon of hope, providing life-changing support and a path to a secure future for those in need.

Dr. Montanaro’s journey into orthodontics was inspired by a deep desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. Understanding that a healthy, confident smile can transform a person's life, he pursued a career in orthodontics, earning his degree with distinction. His professional expertise is matched by his unwavering commitment to service, a combination that has made him a beloved figure in his community.
HATT Foundation, Inc., under Dr. Montanaro’s guidance, focuses on addressing the comprehensive needs of at-risk children and their families. Recognizing that dental health is often overlooked in underserved communities, he has spearheaded numerous initiatives to provide free and affordable orthodontic care. These services not only improve oral health but also boost self-esteem and enhance opportunities for social and academic success.
Dr. Montanaro’s holistic approach extends beyond orthodontics. Through HATT Foundation, he has implemented programs that offer educational support, mentorship, and essential resources to families. These initiatives are designed to empower children with the tools they need to overcome adversity and achieve their full potential. From providing school supplies and scholarships to organizing after-school activities and career counseling, Dr. Montanaro ensures that every child has access to the opportunities they deserve.
His work with needy families includes offering financial literacy workshops, access to healthcare resources, and foods’ assistance. By addressing these critical areas, Dr. Montanaro helps create a stable and supportive environment where families can thrive. His efforts are rooted in the belief that a secure family foundation is crucial for the overall well-being and future success of children.
Beyond his professional and philanthropic endeavors, Dr. Montanaro is known for his hands-on involvement and genuine compassion. He regularly volunteers his time at community events, organizes fundraising initiatives, and personally connects with the families he serves. His empathetic nature and commitment to making a difference have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers and the heartfelt gratitude of the community.
Dr. Michael Montanaro's dedication to providing hope, life, and a secured future through his work with HATT Foundation, Inc. exemplifies the profound impact that one individual can have. His legacy of kindness, professionalism, and unwavering support continues to inspire, offering a brighter, more hopeful future for at-risk children and needy families.
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