Food and Nutrition Classes

The class teachers or facilitators are expert in the field of nutrition and brings their insight to topics such as battling weight through diet, planning meals for diabetics, and communicating information about vitamins, minerals and supplements. Examples of classes include:

  • Nutrition and You: Functional Foods – Based on the premise “you are what you eat,” the class explores the effect of certain foods on the human body. Common, public knowledge of functional foods is limited, and cutting edge research has much to share on the connection between diet and the human body.
  • Weight Management and Nutrition in the Life Cycle – The needs of the human body change throughout its lifecycle- a child and an adult need carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in varying amounts. With nearly 60 percent of American adults classified as obese or overweight, this class positions its students to help clients set and achieve healthy weight loss goals.
  • Planning Meals for Diabetics – Students learn about healthy diet which is central to the management of diabetes. People with diabetes have to know a lot about food because food affects their blood sugar, their body weight, and their heart health.
  • Public Nutrition and Wellness Education – This course delves into nutrition as it applies to health and disease prevention. To better inform clients (or themselves), students will gain a base knowledge of critical information concerning vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as the techniques needed to communicate their benefits.

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