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Be Your Best Self (BYBS) Girls Group

Be Your Best Self girls support group offers girls in middle school and high school support in Palm Beach County, FL. Adolescence is a time of difficult adjustments for pre-teens and teens. Society, social media and peer groups can add extra stressors for teens to deal with on a daily basis. This group is ideal for teen girls (ages 12-17) who are struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, self-esteem, confidence, parent &/or peer relationship issues, dealing with bullying, learning self-worth, and how to be a leader. This group is intended to increase coping skills for teens in a safe, encouraging environment and to learn knowledge, life experiences, skills to grow into a beautiful, independent, confident woman, and leader in their community. BYBS Girls Group will be meeting in Boynton Beach, FL.

BYBS mission is to equip all girls (ages 12-17) with the skills they need to feel confident in their abilities to lead. We understand that every girls comes from different walks of life, different demographics, different life experiences, and has different personalities, skills, and are unique. Therefore, we provide different types of support and our group are consistently evolving to ensure that each girls receives the support they need to grow to a beautiful, confident, and strong women leaders in their community. Girls receive support in 3 different settings; support groups, mentoring program (high school girls mentoring middle schooler girls), and one-on-one support or mentoring from women who are successful, strong, and already leaders in our community. Meetings are a safe space for all girls to share, express their true selves, cultivate their skills, talents, and strengths properly, and gain perspective on common experiences that can make a permanent impact on their lives for the better.

At BYBS, we believe there are no limits to a girl's potential and strive to create an environment that inspires, motivates, and cultivates confidence and self-worth. And as we continue to expand throughout Palm Beach County, FL, we are committed to driving the dialogue for the next generation of strong women leaders.

Part of the opportunity is properly educating our participants through leadership literacy so that they can recognize the various styles, approaches, and characteristics of leadership, and then put them into practice. BYBS provides the platform necessary to support the next generation of women leaders through our programmatic offerings and the formation of a life-long network of women leaders.

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