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Raymond Benjamin HATT LEAD PASTOR The Family Church

Raymond Benjamin
The Family Church


In 2004, he left Haiti from University of Port au Prince to the United States to help organize the Haitian community with the idea of creating Hope, Life, Eternity. First he established himself in a local church called Morija, located in Lake Worth, Florida in 2004. His wife Yolene S. Benjamin received at the University of Diquini Port-au-Prince Haiti a bachelor degree as a RN, BSN and started at Homewood in Delray Beach, Florida in an Assisted Living community to help people recover from their surgeries and other illnesses. Raymond and his wife Yolene Benjamin are an icon for the Haitian community, and also grew up in the church community.

Mr. Raymond Benjamin was recruited by the Vice President of HATT and excepted the position of the Lead Pastor for the organization, where his first task from the Vice President is to put a pastoral networking together, to bring all the pastors together for the same common interest; which can be seen in 85 percent of the Haitian households an schools.

He is a very task driven pastor, even though he had no family in the United States or any money, he was devoted to give himself for this great cause HOPE* LIFE* ETERNITY as did his father Mattieu Benjamin with the controversial word of “HOPE* LIFE* ETERNITY” for rebuilding the Haitian community around the world.”