Parents of Sexually Abused Children (POSAC) Support Group

This is a support group for parent(s) whose child has been a victim of sexual abuse. Life is difficult for parents following the disclosure of a child's abuse, and they often have few, if any, resources available to them. Parents sometimes have no supportive family or friends. They often have very little knowledge about child sexual abuse and want to read about and understand what has happened to their children. Most parents of sexually abused children say that they need and want help following disclosure.

This support group is designed to offer support, resources, and to provide a safe and encouraging environment. This support group is private and no information disclosed in this group is allowed to leave the room.

We take our participants' sensitive and personal information seriously and with great respect for privacy. We want to make sure that each parent(s) are comfortable sharing because their information and experience is safe within the support group. Each participant must sign a non-disclosure agreement to not disclose any information given at this support group to third-party and outside of these meetings unless they have been given permission by that individual. 

POSAC support group will be held weekly on Wednesdays, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm in Delray Beach, FL. Please fill out the form below to signup for the class. Once you've signed up we will provide you with more information about the support group.